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    • Single screw blowing mach 2018-08-17

      Single screw blowing machine series

        Features: high yield, power saving, stable, low noise, artificial, waste less, out of the film light, smooth, feel good. High speed CNC blowing machine is a patented technology of the high performance film blowing machine, apply for patent protection in the early 2005. As of now, the equipment through several times of technical innovation and improvement and with precise Mick controller equipped, greatly improving the products smoothness and accuracy, reduce the measurement of the film thickness of the frequent degree, reducing the operation is difficult, therefore has become the mainstream market more popular film blowing equipment.   Patent categories: utility model patent No.: 200520133281   Application date: 2005/11/21
    • ABA three co-extrusion do 2018-08-16

      ABA three co-extrusion double screw film blowing machine

      High-speed CNC film blowing machine is a patented technology, high-performance film blowing machine, apply for patent protection in the early 2005.As of 2013, the device after number of technical innovation and improvement, and equipped with accurate Mick controller, greatly improving the accuracy and flatness, reducing the the detection film thickness frequently, decreasing the operation process with difficulty,therefore,it became more popular blown film equipment of the mainstream market.
    • High speed CNC film blowi 2016-01-11

      High speed CNC film blowing line

        Film blowing machine CNC system, also known as Mick control system is a technological leap for plain old blown film machine. Old-fashioned film blowing machine production process errors due to technical reasons and the machine itself cause the Mick weight error of the product is large, and difficult to control, resulting in unnecessary waste and merchant's loss. Therefore, as early as in 2003, has been working in the the Mick control systems research and development, and in 2005 successfully developed the blown film machines Mick controller and obtained national patent. Listed nearly six years of time, and the constant technological improvements to upgrade, this technology has been well received by the merchant's favor and praise. In order to meet different customer requirements and the product market segmentation, designed three kinds of different specifications of Mick controller 。

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